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Monday, 1 May 2017

Officially Amazing Local Guide

Today I received the certificate and medallion
Yes!!! I'm Officially Amazing Now. 😍

I'm Yousuf Mohammed Seddat from Bangladesh Local Guides and a Cyclists cum Mountain Biker. Google Local Guides already knows about me as before I had posted my Mountain Biking Stories.
Today I want to share an Amazing story about our one and only largest Cycling Community in Bangladesh who is now a Guinness World Record Holder. ✌

It's BDCyclists. 💓

It's my another biggest family where I started to learning my lessons about cycling and mountain biking. recently we set a new Record after Bosnia and Herzegovina for Longest single line of bicycles (moving).
before Bosnia and Herzegovina, USA had this record. 😃

I'm Proudly Saying That I'm a Bangladeshi Cyclists & Guinness World Record Holder😊 ✌️

My every Single Achievements on two wheels is shining more only for this Medallion and Certificate. ☺️

Thank you everyone for Praying my success. 💓

Long Live #BDCcyclists Community 🚴❤️

Hope all Google Local Guides enjoy our success story about Officially Amazing and Honorable LG Team like this @TraciC @CorrieD @ChristinaC @BellaW

This Article written for Google Local Guides Connect.

Few snaps from the Record Story 😊

The moment when starting pedaling to break the records...

Preparing ourselves before breaking the records

My Bibs, Certificate and Medallion with Flag

My room views

The best Achievement you are watching here

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