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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Conquer The Top Peak of Bengal

Top Peak of West Bengal
This is Yousuf Mohammed Seddat From Bangladesh Local Guides.
as a Local Guide and Cyclist I'm glad to writing an Extreme Mountain Biking Tour Story on my Favorite sharing platform Local Guides Connect

Last week of March we had arranged International Local Guides Meet up which is Called "South Asia Meet Up" by 4th Nations Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. I was selected by the organized Moderators to attend in this Meet up. So I have few days leave from my Office and I just make a Plan to see myself with my bike in to the Highest Peak of West Bengal cum Top peak of Whole Bengal. 

Yes, I'm Talking about Sandakphu which Altitude is 3,636 Meter or 11,941 feet from Sea level. 

Few days back I just studied about this peak and the danger route to reach there. when I asked my self about final decision, I choose this South Asia Meet Up expediency to make my Dream Mission success. although I have existing visa for Travel in India.

as a Mountain biker cum Cyclist I knew that I'll be the First Bangladeshi who climbed into this peak with a bike. 
as a Local Guides I'm pretty sure that I'll be the First Local Guides who climbed into this peak with a bike. :D 

Really It was Danger Attempt by myself to conquer that hill with bike. 

Starting from my place in a Night journey Dhaka to Burimari/Changrabandha Border by Bus and packed my Bike into a Box. 

Day 1: I started my Ride from Changrabandha Border to Siliguri city. It was 83 km Ride on flat road and little mountain roads inside the tea gardens and villages. 
This is Strava Tracking Link

Day 2: Checked out Hotel and started ride from Hill cart road to Himalayan Highways. It was complete mountain biking of 82 km. like my Darjeeling tour I biked into Beautiful hill city named Kurseong. I had planned to reach Manebhanjang via Ghoom Railway station. but due to security reason at Night I just avoid 7 km downhill road to Manebhanjang. luckily I got a Room in a Hotel at Shukhia Pokhari Bazaar.
This is Strava Tracking Link

Day 3: First morning I just saw an awesome view of pine forest in Nepal border from my Hotel Room when I open the window. I just enjoyed this moment with a cup of tea and started my mountain biking to another destination for this day. 
in my life for the first time I'm biking to the highest altitude which is 2500+ meters. that's why I was so excited and my breathing straggling with the cold winds so far. this day I rode biked into Nepal border approximately due to reduce the distances. in the afternoon I reached at Tumling and I realized that I couldn't reach Sandakphu anyhow today. I just changed the Plan A and going ahead with my plan B to Stay night after the Singalila Forest. 
I got most Downhill to Gairibas Beat in Nepal border which altitude is 2625m. 
I got a lodge here and passed the night with tight sleep. 
This is Strava Tracking Link

Day 4: This is the day my dream comes true and I had fresh mind from early in the morning. after little snacks and hot tea I started vertical climbing in the Rocky road at 7:15am. after 4 km climbing and it was 350 m elevation I faced heavy rain. after kalipokhari in nepal border I just scared about the muddy and slippery road by a Local Tourist Guide. actually inside the nepal border I can reach Sandakphu early and I can reduce distance 2.5 km than Indian border road. but I have to climed more and more than Indian border road. but I choose Nepal side as it was muddy and slippery road. cause I love to climbed uphills. 
in Bekhibhanjhang I realized that It's really a attempt to kill myself in high altitude. for the first time I biked into 3000+ meters there. really It's an achievement for me. few times I just Unconscious due to abnormal breathing after hard pedaling. but I recognized myself that more ways are remaining to reach the peak. once a time I understand that it's really a death road for any cyclists. :(
there I met with 3 trekkers from Kalkata, they helped me to show shortcut road to Sankadphu. 
at 3:15pm (Local Time) I just realized myself into the top peak of west Bengal named Sandakphu. 
This is Strava Tracking Link
These trekkers shared there expression about my success and took few snaps. 

I'm really Glad to became First Bangladeshi to Achieve this. 

As a Local Guide I'm glad to Stick up the Local Guides name on this peak after completed my mission. <3 

It was our Independence Day 26.03.2016. as a Son of Freedom Fighter (Alive) I just Dedicated this Achievement to all of Freedom Fighters of Bangladesh (Alive,Martyr and Lives on disability). 

Same day I back to Gairibas Beat and after day I back to Darjeeling for attend South Asia Meet Up with Local Guides. 

In this mountain Biking tour I collected lot of POI(s) in those tourist areas and took lot of 360° sphere for Google Maps. when I back to home I just added successfully into the Maps. That was really amazing experience to Share something with the peoples around the world. 

This article written for Google Local Guides Connect

Just keep me in your prayers that I can achieve something different in next Mission.
Thank You all. :)

Now I want to share a Downhill Video from Singalila Forest and Few glimpses from this Adventure tour.

Check out Complete Photo Album Here. Visit Youtube Channel for Videos. 

The lodge inside the Nepal Border where I stayed for 2 Nights

Google Local Guides from other Nations

Starting Ride from West Bengal Gate

Historical Place of Himalayan Railway

In This Hotel I stayed at Shukhia Pokhari Bazaar

My & My Bike Standing in Different Country

Entering in to Singalila Forest

When I reached at Bairibas Beat

Somewhere in Nepal

Rain & Clouds with me on Death Road

When I saw myself in 3000+ M

Sandakphu 1km Left

Sandakphu 0 km and happy moment

First time in my life I saw Snow-Ice here and I biked on it :D

My Flag & My Achievement

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